Creative Generation is an intergenerational participatory audiovisual project designed by Big Bang Lab, aiming to create links between communities of residents living in Housing Estates and neighbourhoods in London. In our society we are facing a lack of human and social interaction between young people and older people.

Creative Generation is an attempt to restore a sense of commonplace and a better understanding of each other's narratives in order to build a better future. Some stories can get lost forever so archiving the conversations and interviews on video is important for the community and for future generations.

This project is a combination of creative oral history with civic lead journalism using video as a tool to capture stories, travel on time to the past, to the future and maybe come up together with new solutions to old problems.

Let's explore our collective wisdom!



audio interviews

When was the last time you had to share your memories, stories with others? Aren't chit chats a good starting point? Are you a good listener? Let's uncover the opportunities of co-learning beyond boundaries of age, religious or cultural backgrounds.